Business Process Engineering

What is Business Process Engineering?

Business Process Engineering (BPE) is a systematic approach to designing, creating, and optimizing processes to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall performance. It focuses on creating new processes or refining existing ones to align with organizational goals and meet customer needs more effectively. BPE is important as it enables organizations to continuously improve and adapt their operations, driving innovation and competitiveness in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Another common approach is Business Process Reengineering (BPR). This describes a complete redesign of core business processes and helps organisations stay competitive by rethinking and optimizing their fundamental processes for maximum effectiveness and value delivery.

Throughout the project, Tyde Digital’s keen observation skills and analysis revealed that our ERP software was configured to inadvertently restricted certain functionalities. Consequently, part of our team began to work offline, resulting in inefficiencies. At the end of this initial phase, Tyde Digital shared their findings with us and provided clear and actionable recommendations to implement the necessary corrective measures effectively. As a result, we will improve both our operational efficiency and real-time business intelligence capabilities.

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Improve your operational workflows

It is estimated that poor processes cost businesses between 20-30% of revenue per year.

Our process engineering services are crucial to any successful digital transformation initiatives. We analyse and map your people to seamless processes and right fit technology. Engaging in business process engineering ensures that your team can manage data through a single source of truth and streamline operations through technology.

You don’t have to start from scratch. Our team visually maps your end-to-end processes, aligns your key stakeholders and highlights any key bottlenecks. We provide the solutions and can implement them for you to ensure your team is operating as efficiently as possible, with the skills and knowledge Often, there are simple bottlenecks and tweaks that can be made This helps to ensure long lasting processes which are, utilized by the team daily, don’t get diluted when people come in & out of the business, ensure complete alignment between functions, support scalability plans for replicating best practice in new regions.

Your people and technology should fit your processes. Not the other way around. Start optimising your business with a complimentary discovery session.

Our steps for effective and sustainable delivery:

Process Identification.

Comprehension first. Our team consolidates the processes within each business function for full alignment of your company. We do this to understand all aspects of the delivery model before we make any recommendations.


We identify what data is captured through each phase of delivery and determine how it should flow through from input to actionable insight.


Detailed AS-IS process mapping ensures you have a clear line in the sand for any innovations to be measured. Together we comprehend who does what, when and how.

Process Optimisation.

Streamlining your business operational flow through removal of steps, improvement of technology or introduction of automation.

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